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Letters Home (12): 9 November 1915

From DB Keith on the Western Front to his Family in Thurso

In this letter David Barrogill Keith writes a brief letter to his family in Thurso thanking them for food parcels received (despite the “potted head” and tomatoes getting squashed), and preparing for his next turn in the trenches.

Dated 9th November 1915, 10th Cameronians, B.E.F.

P38-10-13 9 Nov 1915 Letter 1My dear Mother,

Your letter & the parcel arrived last night. The grouse etc. were excellent. Unfortunately as has happened the last twice the dish conveying the potted head got rather collapsible en route & the potted head, being mixed with splinters of glass was dangerous. It therefore had with regret to be thrown away.

The Tomatoes also arrive mostly always the worse for wear.

P38-10-13 9 Nov 1915 Letter 2I got several letters yesterday & was glad to hear that everything, bar the mumps of Edward John’s, was all right. Well you won’t hear again from me for some days as we go into trenches proper tomorrow, being at present in a remnant of a town among guns & shells. Yet I abide in a house with a whole room in which I sleep & we are fairly comfortable.

I hope father is quite well & found Sir Archibald also well. I am feeling all right & should be very comfortable comparatively in the trenches i.e. compared with last time.

Hope all are having a good time & you’ll send us a turkey for Xmas. It isn’t so awfully far off.

With love to all


D.B. Keith



[Caithness Archive Centre reference P38/10/13; the next letter from DB Keith will be published on 11 December]