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A Tale of Life on the Croft: Ella Campbell

A Brief Introduction Travelling throughout Caithness it is hard to miss the abundance of ruined grey stone buildings stood defiantly within the landscape. From the roadside you will see many such roofless structures and on a closer walk around the countryside the foundations of others almost completely demolished. These old croft houses are perhaps the… Read more »Read more

James Youngson, Voyage to Melbourne 1884-1885

A Brief Introduction to the Series We all tell stories and revel in those of others. Our minds seem in many ways compelled to attain the heights of the fictitious and nothing, I would argue, can inspire or engage us more than a real-life account of something extraordinary. The past, in many ways, feeds this… Read more »Read more

The War of the Orange. 1859

  For the second part of the War of the Orange please click on the link below :-    Read more

New Exhibition – The Trans-Atlantic Flight Pioneers

Nucleus latest exhibition launches on the 14th of February 2020 with a talk from Artist Joanne B Karr at 11am. Simultaneously Newfoundland’s exhibition at the Craft Council of Newfound and Labrador Gallery will also launch. Also on display at the Nucleus will be historical documents from the period of the flight and selected drawings from… Read more »Read more

Wick Harbour Trust

Join us on Thursday 27th June – 1pm to 2.30pm we will be taking a look at a very different collection: the records of Wick Harbour Trust. This fascinating collection dates from 1829 almost to the present day, and offers a detailed history of Wick Harbour. We will be looking at minute books of the Trust,… Read more »Read more

Caithness Collections

On Thursday 30th May – 1pm to 2.30pm we will be taking a look at a selection of historic school records. Admission registers record every child’s progress through school. School log books are a diary of school life and a wonderful source of information, showing us how different education was for our grandparents and great-grandparents…. Read more »Read more

Northern Constabulary the early years

Northern Constabulary in the early years 1840’s – 1920’s with a brief journey into the WWII War Incident Files There will be a talk and presentation of documents at Nucleus on Thursday 25th April (tomorrow, sorry for the short notice) starting at 1 pm lasting around 11/2 hours . I will give a short talk… Read more »Read more