Inverness Botanic Gardens » Tropical House

The Tropical house may be closed occasionally for events. Please phone on the day of your visit to check access.

The “hottest” spot in the Highlands (maybe)! On entering the Tropical House you’ll be enveloped in a warm and humid atmosphere. In the tropics the weather is hot all year round with at least four times the amount of rain (2000mm) that falls in Inverness in a year. You will be enveloped by this colourful and spectacular collection of plants native to countries such as Mexico, Bahamas, and northern Brazil.

Many of the plants are from the Southern Hemisphere which means we have fabulous flowers and fruit throughout the year. Seek out the coffee, bananas, ginger and pineapple plants. A waterfall cascades into a pond filled with friendly Carp, surrounded by showy tender plants such as bougainvillea, bird of paradise plants and orchids. The lower level of Tropical House is accessible for wheelchairs, although plants might overhang some of the paths in places.