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Fitness Suite

Our cardiovascular equipment will have you on your way to meeting your health and fitness goals.

5 x Treadmill, 2 x Vario, 2 x Rowers,  2 x Crossover, 3 x Bikes, 2 x Skill Mill,  1 x Top hand bike, 2 x Synchro,  1 x Step

Our resistance stations comprise of:

Leg Extension, Abdominal curl, DAP & accessories, Adjustable Bench, Chest press, Dumbbells  Low row, Cable Tower, Shoulder press, Pectoral machine, Lateral pull , Leg press, Traction pull down

It is our goal to help you use the gym safely and efficiently so before you can start you’ll need a simple gym induction with one of our friendly instructors. It’s our chance to show you how to use the equipment safely and explain its benefits. If you already use another High Life venue a fast track induction is available.