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The Angus Og Collection

Many people will fondly remember the original Angus Og cartoon strips which appeared in the Daily Record from 1960 to 1989.  Angus Og and the other colourful characters who live in the fictional Isle of Drambeg in the Utter Hebrides were created by cartoonist Ewen Bain. Ewen, born in Maryhill, Glasgow, was the youngest of the three children of John and Flora Bain from the Isle of Skye and spent every summer of his childhood in Staffin visiting family, assimilating island life and absorbing many tales that are reflected in the adventures of the residents of Drambeg.

In 2019, Skye and Lochalsh Archive Service were fortunate enough to be gifted a collection of original Angus Og drawings by Ewan’s daughter, Professor Rhona Flin. The survival of this collection is important not just for Skye but also as a record of the broader social history of Scotland. As well as being nationally well known and loved, the cartoons relate to social-political issues still relevant today, including the loss of language, the impact of tourism and social imbalances.

Following a successful application, we have been been awarded funding from the National Island Plan to research develop and conserve the collection and deliver an innovative exhibition and engagement programme throughout 2023.

Project Archivist Katherine Macfarlane enjoying a cuppa with Angus

The Angus Og Project at Skye and Lochalsh Archive Centre is supported by Scottish Government National Islands Plan Funding.