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Please note that answers are at the end of some worksheet activities.


Newspaper Activity

Bank Row Bombing


James Bremner

Castle of Mey

Blackout Poetry

Childhood Games

Jigsaw – 1838 Blackwood’s County map of Caithness

Jigsaw – John Kirk, Provost of Wick

Roman Numeral Sudoku

Spot the Differences


Calligraphy Worksheets

Caithness Quiz

Atomic Quiz

Pass the Story

Draw A Caricature

Guess the Silhouette

Caithness Harbour Activity Pack (A4)

Airport Customs

Caithness Harbour Activity Pack (A3)

Parchment & Sealing Wax

On The Move

Agriculture Activity Pack (A3)

Caithness Science Festival 2022 Activities (A3)

Border Colouring Activity

School Activity Pack (A3)


Wanted Poster Activity

Halloween Activities (A3)

Lighthouse Activity


The Victorian Activity Pack


Roman Numeral Dates