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Doors Open at Berriedale Church

Come along and join us at Berriedale Church on Sunday 23rd September 11am to 4pm.

You will have the opportunity to explore one of Caithnessโ€™s gems. Berridale Church is one of 32 Parliamentary Churches commissioned and built by Thomas Telford. The Berriedale church is one of the few that remain and even more excitingly the church remains laid out and furnished in its original glory. Along with the opportunity to explore the church we will be there with a range of interesting documents relating to the history of the church, the area and itโ€™s long standing community and of course Thomas Telford.

To add an extra dimension to the day Nan and George Bethune will be there to talk about the long and interesting history of Berriedale Church. Times for the talk are 11:30, 12:30, 2pm and 3pm.

A day not to be missed.

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