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Youth Participation – Giving Young People a Voice

High Life Highland has a Highland-wide team responsible for programmes that support young people to make sure they are listened to.

Highland Youth Parliament

Highland Youth Parliament (HYP) is a key way for young people to have their voices and opinions heard.
Over 100 members are elected from across Highland, from every High School and from Local Youth Forums. Elections take place every two years.

HYP Members:
• Meet and consult with other young people in schools, youth forums and pupil councils
• Attend local meetings and events – community councils, district partnership and ward meetings
• Attend HYP conferences, where they can engage with Highland’s decision makers.

The HYP Executive Committee plays a major role in the planning and running of the full parliament meetings. The Executive consists of 16 young people from across Highland, and meets regularly to ensure that issues arising from HYP conferences are followed up with action.
For more information on Highland Youth Parliament please contact: [email protected]  or [email protected]

Apprentice Day

Highland Youth Parliament holds an annual ‘Apprentice Day’ on which members of HYP shadow Senior Managers from Highland’s public sector services, and Highland Council’s Elected Members. Representatives from High Life Highland, The Highland Council, NHS Highland, Police Scotland, Fire and Rescue Service Scotland, UHI, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and HM Prison Service are involved.
Approximately 20 adults and 20 young people take part each year.

• For Service Managers to gauge young people’s views of their service
• For services to become more aware of the Highland Youth Parliament
• To give young people a better understanding of the services provided for them and how services consult with young people.

For more information on Highland Youth Parliament please contact: [email protected]  or [email protected]

Local Youth Forums

Each High School catchment area has its own Local Youth Forum, facilitated by the area’s Youth Development Officer. The Forums meet regularly to discuss local youth issues and co-ordinate action and projects.

For more information on Local Youth Forums please contact your local Youth Development Officer.

Scottish Youth Parliament

The Scottish Youth Parliament is the democratically elected voice of Scotland’s young people.
There are 6 Highland Members of Scottish Youth Parliament (MSYPs) – two members for each of the three constituency areas. MSYPs are elected every two years.
MSYPs attend three national sittings per year and feed back to HYP members.
They also attend Local Youth Forum meetings and HYP conferences.

For more information on Highland Youth Parliament please contact: [email protected]  or [email protected]

The Highland Youth Convener

Each year a Youth Convener is appointed to be a full-time voice for young people in Highland. The Youth Convener provides a consistent link for Elected Members and senior officials and represents the interests of all young people to the Highland Council and other key agencies.
The Youth Convener attends Highland Council and Community Partner meetings and has full voting rights on the Education, Children and Adult Services Committee, with speaking rights at all other Council Committees.
The Youth Convener works closely with young people across the Highlands through Highland Youth Parliament, Local Youth Forums, Pupil Councils and other youth groups.

For more information please contact [email protected]