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Which level is right for me?


Anyone over the age of 8years is welcome to come along to Traditional Music classes (TMC). Some instruments or styles have specific classes for children and adults, other classes whilst others focus more on ability level rather than age


To get the best out of our classes, it’s important to learn at the right level.

Look at the info below and decide which is the right level for you!

Knowing your Ability Level

Level Is this level right for you?
Beginner Level 1 Never even picked up a Traditional Music Instrument before? Then this is the perfect class for you!! Come along and learn whatever instrument you fancy, whether it is fiddle or the tin whistle, you’ll be a pro before you know!
Beginner Level 2 Have you done a term with us before? Or perhaps you have dabbled in group or private tuition previously but are still not feeling too confident? Come along to our Beginner Level 2 classes and build your confidence and skills to progress even further!!
Improvers Level 3 Served your time as a beginner? Know how to read music but still feel the need for a little extra help before you feel quite like an intermediate? Then come along to our improver’s classes and get that extra boost to keep you improving!!
Intermediate Level 4 Are the different styles and tempos of Traditional Music starting to flow a bit more? Feel like you could take part in a jamming session without too much of a panic? If so then our Intermediate Level 4 classes would love to have you!!
Intermediate Level 5 Got your hands in the right place? Got your feet tapping to the right beat? Got the notes from the paper to your head to your instrument without too much thought processing? Perhaps you could even lead on a tune with a group?! Then our Intermediate level 5 classes are the right ones for you!!
Advanced Level 6 Are you at one with your instrument? Do you feel like you can pick it up and play whatever comes in to your head? Perhaps you even feel confident enough to help out those around you? Or perform in front of a crowd? Come along to our advanced classes and enjoy some group tuition to help perfect your performance!!