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Erlend Tait & Pamela Tait

13 January – 2 March 2018


In this exhibition Erlend & Pamela Tait ask the question: What lies beneath the surface?

The source of ideas is an important element in both their practices and is something that unifies this body of work. Pamela looks deeply into her local landscape and finds a myriad of wonderful creatures, each embroiled in imagined narratives. Erlend considers the idea of reality as illusory and looks to his own obsessions to ask how we create these illusions.

Alongside their individual works are four recent collaborations where the artists combine ideas, mediums and processes.


Pamela Tait

“I was talking to someone about how I create all the little characters in my work and he taught me a new word, Pareidolia. This is the psychological phenomenon where the mind responds to a stimulus by perceiving a familiar pattern where none exists, and this is exactly what happens when I look at trees. By visually exploring the lines and forms created by the overlapping branches of trees, a gathering of sweetness and darkness appears. And through this personal connection with the trees in my own landscape is the creation of my own folklore.”


Erlend Tait

“From an early age I’ve been fascinated by the mythology and folklore of the Highlands and Islands. Many of these tales relate to anthropomorphic deities within the environment and as a result much of my work combines portraiture with pattern and symbolism. These symbols are inspired by my surroundings and obsessions and allude to themes of ideology and transcendence.

Recently I’ve been thinking about the veil of reality; about the Universal Systems Model of input – process – output; and about creativity with regard to technology and tradition. I’ve become increasingly focused on the idea of reality as an illusion, a veil that obscures something else, and as an image-maker I’m interested in the origins of these illusions and how we create them.”


Image: Roots, 2017, Erlend & Pamela Tait