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Exhibition by Caroline Dear – String / Lines

unravelling the story of string: people, plants and place

New Exhibition at the Skye and Lochash Archive Centre – Nov 2022 – April 2023


The exhibition celebrates 50,000 years of string making, linking archaeological research with local cultural practices in Skye to create art work which resonates and reinvigorates these histories and skills. String making is one of the fundamental technologies which has allowed us as a species to survive and adapt. Artist Caroline Dear has developed new work in response to this research, taking inspiration from 10,000 year old nets, historical quotes and working with new materials.

The exhibition contains artefacts and a book inspired by particular aspects of string making, artwork pieces include a large floor piece inspired by ancient netting examples and a contemporary quipu. 

The project has developed over a year and culminates with the exhibition. Caroline has worked with archaeologist Dr.Karen Hardy, specialist textile archaeologist Dr. Susanna Harris (Glasgow University ) and Dr. Tuija Kirkinen (University of Helsinki), collaborating with Catherine MacPhee (Highlife Highland Archive in Portree), Heather Fulton (ATLAS Arts) and Louise Kerr (trustee, Viewfield Garden Collective).

In the film below Caroline walks us through the exhibition. 

You can find out more about the project here.

The project received funding from Creative Scotland.