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The High Life Highland Outdoor Activities team is a ‘not for profit’ service.   We are a team of highly experienced and qualified outdoor professionals with broad knowledge and experience of designing and delivering both UK and overseas adventures.  We do this for fun in our spare time too!

We provide outdoor activities for young people and adults, both individuals, groups and families with an opportunity to experience and explore to wonders of the Scottish Highlands through outdoor adventures.  We are based at Queen’s Park, near Inverness Leisure, where many of our programmes meet.  Where is Queen’s Park? Click here!

High Life Highland deliver outdoor activity learning and development programmes for schools and youth groups within Highland as well as skills based training, National Governing Body awards, local accreditation and bespoke programmes for a wide range clients and the general public.


Imogen Furlong

Outdoor Activities



Willie McLeod

Outdoor Activities

Development Officer

OA Nancy

Nancy Chambers

Outdoor Education


OA Will

Will Manners

Outdoor Education


If you are interested in working with the High Life Highland Outdoor Activities team or you have been directed to this web page by us, you should find all the information here that you need.


All freelance staff and volunteers that work with us must registered with us and for volunteers register with either The Highland Council or High Life Highland.