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  1. Educational Visit Coordinator (EVC) Training
  2. Visit Leader Training (VLT)
  3. Overseas Visit Leader Training
  5. Walking and Camping Accreditation
  6. Water Margin Safety Training
  7. Basic Bushcraft Safety Training

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Educational Visit Coordinator (EVC) Training

Establishment staff in the Highland Council and High Life Highland are involved in a wide variety of off campus excursions. Each establishment should contain a member / members of staff trained and competent to fulfil the role of EVC.

The Scottish guidance ‘Going Out There’ states the following;

‘Employers have a clear duty to provide appropriate information, instruction and training to all their employees. Employers will monitor the effectiveness of their management and delivery of outdoor experiences and off-site visits. This should be a blend of systems monitoring and on the ground monitoring.

The objective of the EVC training is to upskill and empower staff in order to develop and maintain the safety, effectiveness and efficiency of all off-site excursions.

EVC training course details can be found here.

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Visit Leader Training (VLT)

Staff will always accompany excursions whether using a provider or using a specific venue / host.  All staff, whether employees or volunteers, fulfil a role and have legal responsibilities within the excursion.  The objective of the training is to provide competence and confidence to all staff involved with off campus excursions in order to encourage and increase safe and effective off-site excursions.

The course, which lasts 3 1/2 hours will cover topics including excursion planning and preparation, contingencies, managing the activities and managing incidents.

  • Staff planning and/or leading excursions containing and adventure activity element must attend VLT delivered by HLH Outdoor Education.
  • Staff planning and/or leading excursions containing no adventure activity element can attend training delivered by establishment staff that have completed an EVC training course (in the last 3 years).

VLT course details can be found here.

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Overseas Visit Leader Training 

Establishment staff in the Highland Council area are involved in a variety of overseas visits.  Such visits offer a greater number of challenges than a UK based excursion.  There is a need to ensure the competency and confidence of staff supervising such activities.

This bespoke training course will be delivered as requested by establishments and widely advertised.  Individuals may have significant personal travel experience but skills may not necessarily transfer to an educational excursion.

The objective of the training is to upskill and empower staff in order to develop and maintain the safety, effectiveness and efficiency of all overseas excursions.

The training will consider the responsibilities of the supervising staff in order to provide staff with competence and confidence when involved in supervising activities abroad.  All Highland overseas excursions are expected to operate within the standards detailed in BSI 8848.

Overseas Visit Leader Training Details can be found here.

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EVOLVE is a web based system that Highland Council and High Life Highland staff use to plan and record educational excursions. Every establishment has access to EVOLVE.

Staff that take young people on educational excursions have an account within EVOLVE (usernames and password are issued by their establishment) so they can access relevant guidance and supporting information in order to plan and record the proposed excursion. Every recorded excursion must be approved by the head of the establishment e.g. the Head Teacher in a School. Additional approval from the Local Authority is required for adventurous activity excursions, trips overseas and pupil exchange trips.

Training on EVOLVE is delivered by establishments, coordinated by the EVC.

For EVOLVE administrative questions contact:  [email protected]

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Walking and Camping Accreditation

The Walking and Camping Accreditation course is a THC / HLH in-house training course.  It allows individuals that do not hold an NGB but have some experience of walking and camping to work with young people from THC / HLH.   Successful accreditation allows an individual to operate as a leader of wild country walking and camping groups in less demanding areas in Highland and with DofE groups up to Silver Award level.  To complete the accreditation an individual must attend a 2 day training course (with overnight camp) and pass a 2 day assessment course.

Course details can be found on EVOLVE and here.

Re-validation details can be found on EVOLVE (Resources) and here


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Water Margin Safety Training

This one day course will enable and inform those planning and leading work or activities that take place on, near or alongside water margins to have the ability and knowledge to make informed management decisions.  Staff may be confident, over confident, ignorant or unaware of hazards associated with water margins and their changeable nature.  Training will allow those with relevant responsibilities the ability to balance risks, make decisions and as required provide opportunities at the water margin in a safe and risk managed environment.

Course details can be found  here

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