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  • Customer – is a person or establishment booking a service with High Life Highland (HLH) Outdoor Activities / Outdoor Education which may include a payment for that service and may or may not be a ‘Participant’.
  • Participant – is a person taking part in an activity / course / programme.
  • HLH Outdoors – means ‘HLH Outdoor Activities / Outdoor Education’

Booking (Individuals)

  • HLH Outdoors accepts provisional booking via the booking mechanism as detailed on the HLH Outdoor Activities web pages.
  • A booking is confirmed by HLH Outdoors via email / post on receipt of a completed booking form and appropriate full payment.
  • HLH Outdoors reserve the right to cancel an individual booking if the applicant does not meet any essential activity / course / programme requirements such as minimum age, experience etc.

Booking (Groups)

  • HLH Outdoors accepts provisional booking on receipt of a signed (electronically) and dated booking form by mail / email.
  • HLH will issue separate invoices for deposit and balance payments as required. Payment instructions are contained within the invoice.
  • A booking is confirmed on receipt of a non-refundable deposit or full payment, whichever is applicable.

Services Provided

  • HLH Outdoors will deliver the services to the customer as detailed in the relevant programme or course description subject to change and cancellation conditions (see below).
  • Further and more detailed information may be made available to customers prior to a programme as necessary.
  • HLH Outdoors will notify the customer if there are any significant changes to the activity detail contained within the service offer or in any subsequent updates.
  • Where necessary, HLH Outdoors will contract the services of a third party provider who will remain accountable to HLH Outdoors.
  • HLH Outdoors will ensure that all activities are risk assessed and appropriately managed; balancing the actual risks with the desired outcomes and benefits. Where using a third party provider that provider will be subject to standards and compliance scrutiny by HLH Outdoor Safety Management staff.
  • Equipment supplied by HLH Outdoors will be appropriate and fit for purpose. Any equipment that is supplied by the customer must be equally fit for purpose.  HLH Outdoors reserve the right to refuse to permit a customer to use their own equipment if it is not considered fit for purpose.  Where possible a replacement will be offered.

How We Take Payments

Certain areas of this website require you to register or give us personal details including credit or debit card details. We do not store payment card details nor do we share customer details with any other parties.

  • Payments are processed securely by WorldPay.
  • This allows us to accept a wide range of credit and debit cards without storing your details here on the website.
  • Activities are charged in Pound Sterling (£GBP)




Changes and Cancellation / Refund policy

  • All cancellations made by the customer must be advised in writing and signed by the person who originally made the booking. Cancellation acknowledgement starts from the date the written confirmation of cancellation is received.
  • Cancellations by the customer will incur the following charges:
    • More than 8 weeks before activity 25%
    • 4-8 weeks 50%
    • Less than 4 weeks 100%
  • Cancellations or programme alterations by HLH Outdoors may be necessary due to inclement weather, associated conditions or force majeure. Cancellation by us due to insufficient customer numbers may be necessary and will attract a full refund.  Where possible we will invite customers to select alternative dates.  Where cancellation is necessary, we will refund less any incurred expenses. We will always seek suitable alternative activities and/or dates to meet customer needs.
  • HLH Outdoors reserve the right to make price changes to advertised activities. Prices may increase or decrease (such as seasonal offers) but prices from the day of booking will honoured.
  • Final numbers of participants (where group booking) must be confirmed by telephone / email no later than 5 working days prior to the activity programme start. Failure to do this may result in a full charge for the numbers booked 5 working days prior to the activity programme start.
  • All invoices and outstanding balances must be paid at least 4 weeks prior to the activity programme or by prior arrangement with HLH Outdoors.
  • On written acceptance of a booking / quote the customer accepts that subsequent changes may attract additional costs or a refund.

Participation & Acceptance of Risk

  • Participants (and parent / carer where necessary) should be aware that adventurous activities present less familiar hazards for some. Accidents can happen.  Precautions are taken to minimise and manage risks.
  • Participants taking part in these, and other similar activities, should be informed of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement.
  • It is the responsibility of the individual to pay due care and attention themselves and for fellow participants and to follow all safety instructions.  Participants should raise issues with staff if instructions are not clear or understood.
  • Informed consent (including medical and treatment, photos and videos) is required for all participants. Persons under the age of 18 on the start date of the activity / programme / course must have parental consent.
  • HLH Outdoors reserve the right to exclude participants from any of its activities prior to or during a programme where it is considered that their continued participation may undermine their own safety or that of others.
  • HLH Outdoors welcome applications from all regardless of race, gender and additional support needs. All efforts will be taken to facilitate participation in activities by taking reasonable adjustments.  Please contact HLH Outdoors to discuss requirements.
  • Participants are recommended to minimise taking valuables on activities. Where they do HLH Outdoors will offer guidance on security, but cannot take responsibility for loss or damage.

Confidentiality and Disclosure

  • Group booking customers undertake that details contained within the quote and subsequent agreements between HLH Outdoors and the customer remain strictly confidential.
  • Information and material provided for the purposes of managing activities by the customer to HLH Outdoors in relation to young people and staff will be treated with discretion and disposed of appropriately.
  • Groups and individuals making a booking must ensure full disclosure of any medical, psychological or behavioural condition that may affect an individual’s participation and may be essential to staff when managing an activity.


  • All events organised by HLH Outdoors are covered by The Highland Council public liability insurance. Participants are at liberty to take out any additional accident and/or cancellation cover.
  • HLH Outdoors does not provide medical insurance cover for customers or for customer’s personal possessions. Customers are advised to ensure that possessions of any significant value are appropriately insured.

Publicity, Photography and Filming

  • HLH reserves the right to alter website, printed material and prices before accepting bookings.
  • HLH occasionally take pictures/films for HLH promotional purposes including (but not limited to) online, printed materials and press releases. If any group member wishes to NOT appear in any such photography or films HLH must be informed in writing prior to the programme (on a booking form).
  • By agreeing to these BTCs customers are confirming that relevant permission has been sought from parents / carers etc for pictures/films to be taken by HLH Outdoor Activities.
  • Once the programme has started, visiting group leaders are responsible for ensuring that the HLH staff are made aware of any such restrictions.

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