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Wick Harbour Trust

Caithness Collections Presentation

Join us on Thursday 27th June – 1pm to 2.30pm we will be taking a look at a very different collection: the records of Wick Harbour Trust. This fascinating collection dates from 1829 almost to the present day, and offers a detailed history of Wick Harbour. We will be looking at minute books of the Trust, registers of works undertaken, plans, records of vessels putting in to the harbour and (our favourites) the  Harbour Masters’ daily log books, a fabulous record of not just the activities in the harbour area but also major incidents that affected the whole county, such as the War of the Orange 1859 and the trawler riots of 1885.

The presentation will begin with a short talk on the collection, its extent and the administrative history, with a few pointers to some of the highlights, followed by the opportunity to browse a selection of documents.

The event is free.

For more information contact Garance on 01955 602 444