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Armistice Centenary

Nucleus holds a wealth of records and documents relating to WWI from council records to the newspapers of the day. For the centenary we will be taking a more personal look at the lives of Caithness men and women through their personal correspondence – which have come to the collection through private family deposits. The… Read more »Read more

Pirate School

Ever fancied trying your hand at being a PIRATE, finding treasure and walking the plank? Well now’s your chance. If you are aged between 6 and 7 years old join us on Thursday 18th October If you are aged between 8 and 10 years old join us on Friday 19th October Both activities will be… Read more »Read more

Talking About My Generation

An inter-generational project to celebrate Grandparents of all ages, to share stories of life and work with a group of S1 to S5 pupils at Wick High School. Nucleus: The Nuclear & Caithness Archive is working in partnership with Generations Working Together, Wick High School and Wick Voices to encourage intergenerational conversations. By bringing people… Read more »Read more

Parish Life in Dounreay

This collection of black and white photographs from Dounreay featured recently in our successful ‘Parish Life’ series on Facebook. Above is a picture of some of the Dounreay police force standing with their dogs. Queues of people arriving at Dounreay off the buses. The cap just before it was added to the dome. The boat… Read more »Read more

John Kirk, Provost of Wick 1833-1836

Some of our Facebook followers will be aware we are currently running a series on parish life in Caithness. This original watercolour portrait of Wick Provost, John Kirk, was one of our choices for Wick Burgh Life. Kirk was the first chairman of the Wick and Pulteneytown Chamber of Commerce and was Provost of Wick from… Read more »Read more

Caithness at War: Week 228

On 10 January the RAF mined the waters off Burma to put a temporary halt to Japanese shipping in the area. On 11 January “Operation Pointblank” began, a series of raids targeted at weakening the capability of the Luftwaffe. And on 12 January the first “Victory ship” was launched, SS United Victory; the Victory ships… Read more »Read more

You Time Local History Class

We’ll be delivering a one-off class in Discovering Local History here in the Archive Centre as part of the You Time Programme on Wednesday 17st August, between 11.00am and 12.30pm. If you’d like to know how to use old maps and records to trace the history of your house or local community, or just want… Read more »Read more

Archives Event at Dunbeath Heritage Centre

Caithness Archives Centre staff held an Open Morning at Dunbeath Heritage Centre on Saturday 19 March. We brought a selection of old documents relating to Dunbeath, Latheron parish as well as Caithness in general. The records included police conviction books, school records, poor law records, old maps, and a variety of other archives on display for you to browse… Read more »Read more

Letters Home (15): 20 December 1915 (Part 2)

In this continuation of a letter to his family in Thurso David Barrogill Keith describes soldiers’ concerts, his pride in being a Scottish soldier, and a humorous story involving the Battalion’s Catholic priest (which starts with an encounter involving Kitchener and the other Allied generals and politicians in a restaurant in Calais and ends up… Read more »Read more

Letters Home (15): 20 December 1915 (Part 1)

In this letter David Barrogill Keith writes to his mother in Thurso, preparing for a Christmas in Flanders away from his family. As the letter is a long one it has been divided into two parts: this first part describes what it feels like to be in the middle of an artillery duel, a short-lived… Read more »Read more