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Doddridge’s Sermon on Deliverance from the Jacobites

Title: In the SUBSTANCE of TWO SERMONS, PREACHED AT NORTHAMPTON, FEBRUARY 9, 1745-6.  On occasion of the Precipitate FLIGHT of the REBELS from STIRLING a few Days before. Author: Phillip Doddridge Published: 1746 Location: 252.05241  FM 2002   What is this Book About? This book is based on two sermons Doddridge delivered at Northampton on… Read more »Read more

Mackay’s Sermon on the Re-internment of Sophia Aylmer

Title: A Sermon Preached on occasion of the re-internment of the late Honourable Sophia Aylmer Author: M Mackay Published: 1867 Location: 252.05241 FM 2036   What is this book about? This book is a published sermon by Dr Macintosh Mackay. At the time Dr Mackay was the minister of Tarbert in Harris and in The… Read more »Read more

Thomas Rundle, ‘Sermon on Georgia’

Title: A sermon preached at St George’s Church, Hanover Square, on Sunday February 17 1733/4 to recommend the charity for establishing the new colony of Georgia Author: Thomas Rundle Published: 1734 Location: 252.03 FM 2001 What is this Book About? This book is based on the sermon delivered by Thomas Rundle at St Georges in… Read more »Read more

Mackenzie, ‘Yachting and Electioneering in the Hebrides’ (1887)

Author: MACKENZIE, Hector Rose Title: Yachting and electioneering in the Hebrides Published: Inverness, A. & W. Mackenzie, 1887. Location: 914.17   FM 3257-3257D     What is this book about? The author was private secretary to Fraser-Mackintosh. His father, Alexander Mackenzie, founded both the Celtic Magazine and the Scottish Highlander. After graduating as a solicitor, he… Read more »Read more

Solomon Supplejack, ‘Hints to the Bearers of Walking Sticks and Umbrellas’ 1808

Author Solomon Supplejack Title Hints to the Bearers of Walking Sticks and Umbrellas Published London: Printed for J. Murray, Fleet Street; and J. Harding, St. James’s Street; and A. Constable and co. Edinburgh, 1808 Location 827.7         FM3177       What is this book about? Hints to the Bearers of Walking Sticks… Read more »Read more

Laurence Sterne, ‘Letters or Yorick and Eliza’ (1815)

Author Laurence Sterne Title Letters of Yorick and Eliza, being the correspondence between Mrs Draper and Lawrence Sterne Published Edinburgh; V. Nivison, Macredie, Skellp and Muckersey, 1815 Location 826.6        FM3104     What is this book about? These letters are from Eliza, who is Mrs Elizabeth Draper, to Yorick, who is a… Read more »Read more

John Hobhouse, ‘Historical Illustrations of the Fourth Canto of Childe Harold’ (1818)

Author John Hobhouse Title Historical Illustrations of the Fourth Canto of Childe Harold: Containing Dissertations on the Ruins of Rome; and An Essay on Italian Literature Published London: John Murray, 1818 Location 945         FM2736   What is this book about? This book is a commentary on Lord Byron’s famous poem Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage (1812-1818)… Read more »Read more

James Macpherson, ‘Fragments of Ancient Poetry’ (1760)

Author James Macpherson Title Fragments of Ancient Poetry, Collected in the Highlands of Scotland, and Translated from the Galic or Erse Language Published Edinburgh: Printed for G. Hamilton and J. Balfour, 1760 Location 891.6311            FM3149   What is this book about? Fragments of Ancient Poetry, published anonymously in 1760 by James… Read more »Read more

Diedrich Knickerbocker (Washington Irving), ‘A History of New York’ (1828)

Author Diedrich Knickerbocker (Washington Irving) Title A History of New York: From the Beginning of the World to the End of the Dutch Dynasty Published London: Bumpus, 1828 Location 817.2            FM1635 What is this book about? A History of New York is a satire – on early nineteenth-century politics and the… Read more »Read more

Anon., ‘Some Historical Memoires of […] James Duke of York and Albany’ (1683)

Author Anonymous Title Some Historical Memoires of the Life and Actions of His Royal Highness, The Renowned and most Illustrious Prince JAMES Duke of York and Albany, &c. (Only Brother to his Most Sacred Majesty King CHARLES II) From his Birth, Anno 1633, To this present Year 1682 Published London: Printed for Daniel Brown at the… Read more »Read more