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Customer Journey

  • Entry for fitness suite and swimming pool use will be through the main entrance. Exit for fitness suite use will be through the fitness suite fire exit.  Exit for swimming pool use will be through the squash court fire exit. All exercise classes will take place on the adjoining King George V Park. All customers should report directly to the class instructor who will be situated at the park prior to the class commencing.
  • Customers must sanitise hands on entry and exit.
  • Customers should adhere to social distancing and directional signage while visiting the facility.
  • Various sanitising and cleaning stations are located throughout the facility.
  • Customers should leave the premises as soon as the session is finished following the designated routes.
  • Regular announcements will be made regarding social distancing and regular washing or sanitising of hands.


  • All activities must be booked in advance. Bookings via online or by telephone.  All-inclusive and budget members can book up to 7 days in advance, Pay as you go members can book up to 3 days in advance, any payments must be paid in advance.
  • All activities have maximum numbers in place to ensure social distancing can be adhered too.
  • No drop in visits will be accepted so please do not turn up at the facility without booking.
  • Please arrive on time for bookings. Avoid being early as queues should be avoided and if late access may be denied.

Fitness Room Use

  • Please arrive ‘gym ready’ and wearing the correct attire as showers and changing facilities are not in use.
  • Sessions will be 1hr in duration. Please arrive on time and leave immediately after session.
  • Booking for the strength/weights area and cardiovascular area are separate – customers cannot go between the 2 areas.
  • Customers should clean all equipment before and after use, this includes items such as dumbells, weight plates and medicine balls. Various cleaning stations provided throughout the room.
  • Adhere to social distancing – if a machine is in use, avoid the machines directly to either site of this and possibly in front. Some CV equipment will be out of use.  Staff are there to guide you.
  • Max of 20 mins on CV equipment, this may be extended at the discretion of the onsite staff depending on demand.
  • Water fountains/dispensers out of use, please bring your own water or purchase at reception.
  • If you require a refresh induction of any piece of equipment, please ask a member of staff before using it.
  • The toilet beside the fitness suite will be in use.

Group Fitness Classes

  • Please arrive ‘class ready’ and wearing correct attire as showers and changing facilities are not in use.
  • Sanitise your hands on entry to the park.
  • Customers to clean all equipment before and after use. Equipment sharing is not permitted.  Various cleaning stations will be provided around the park.
  • Class numbers will be limited. Markers will outline starting points for customers.  Red, yellow and green spots mark out the correct spacing on the park, please follow instructor guidance on what colour you should be standing on for your specific class (Red – High, Yellow – Medium & Green – Low Intensity).
  • High Intensity ClassesMetafit, Fatburn Extreme
  • Medium Intensity ClassesBody Conditioning, Body Pump, Kettlebells, Circuits
  • Low Intensity Classes – Yoga Flow, Tone Time
  • On entry to the park, fill class spaces from the back to the front, thus preventing customers having to pass each other.
  • Facility aerobic mats are not available to use for hygiene reasons, please ensure you take your own mat. Mats can also be purchased from reception.
  • Use toilet before class to reduce likelihood of needing to exit mid class as social distancing must be adhered too. The toilet beside reception is in use if required.
  • PLEASE NOTE – access to Lochaber High School is currently unavailable.


  • Please arrive ‘beach ready’ (come ready changed with costume under clothing).
  • HLH encourage customers to shower at home before and after swimming. Showers will be available if required but are limited for quick pre and post swim rinse only.
  • Pool sessions will be 45 minutes long.
  • Initially pools will be used for lane swimming (double width lanes with restricted numbers of 4 per lane and new directional signage in place).
  • 3 double width lanes will be available for lane swimming (one fast lane, one medium lane & one slow lane) Please chose appropriate lane for your ability.  Butterfly and Backstroke should be avoided.
  • Maintain appropriate social distance between yourself and other swimmers and do not overtake moving swimmers – allow faster swimmers to pass you at the end of the lanes.
  • You must arrive on time. Please be aware you may be denied access to the pool if you are late.
  • At reception, you will be directed to the relevant communal changing room. There will be two communal changing rooms in operation. Whilst one designated communal changing room is being used, the other will be undergoing an enhanced clean.
  • Swimmers should enter the pool at the deep end and exit via the shallow end. The accessible steps and access hoist are available if required.
  • Lockers will be in use for secure storage of your belongings.
  • Spectating is not permitted
  • Sauna and steam room are not currently in use.
  • Maintain social distancing while in changing areas, whilst on poolside and when in the water. Avoid stopping for prolonged periods of time at the end of lanes.
  • PLEASE NOTE – Lochaber Hydrotherapy Pool is currently unavailable.


  • PLEASE NOTE – Squash is currently unavailable.

Face Coverings

  • A face covering must be worn by all customers when in indoor communal areas, except where an exemption applies (as defined in the legislation), or where there is a ‘valid reason’ not to wear a face covering such as eating, drinking and exercising/undertaking physical activity. This is a mandatory requirement.
  • HLH Staff will also wear face coverings. Some exemptions to this are: staff at reception with 2m social distancing and a screen & staff that can keep over 2m from customers when performing lifeguarding duties.