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Thank you letters from Strontian Primary School!

In November, we welcomed a group from Strontian Primary School to look at some archives showing the history of their village. It was a great morning, they did a quiz where they answered some questions based on the documents we had out and also made tourism leaflets for Strontian.

We recently received thank you letters from the classes who visited which you can see here. Some particular highlights seem to have been the old Strontian School Log Book – which we had great fun trying to read! – and the OS maps and OS Name Books we had out so the class could see what had changed in Strontian, what was still there and the origins of the names of landmarks such as ‘The Punishment Stone’ – which is still there today! The letters also show how much the children were paying attention during their visit, some have remembered we keep the strongroom at 16 degrees, that the documents can go mouldy if they’re not kept in the right conditions and that we have moveable shelves to maximise space. A few are keen to come back and visit us again too! It’s really great to get feedback directly from the pupils as it lets us see the activities and records that really stick in their minds.

If you would like to bring a class or a group for a visit to the Lochaber Archive Centre, please get in touch for more information. You can email us at [email protected]