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Use your High Life Highland Library card and PIN number to download up to 5 ebooks at any one time from over 2500 fiction and non-fiction titles currently available.

The Library’s eBook service can be accessed using PCs and most tablet devices and e-readers including Android, Apple iOS which support ePub and PDF. Older Amazon Kindles are not configured to allow access to library ebook sites.

eBooks are available from two suppliers, Askews and OneClickDigital. Both services use ‘Adobe Digital Editions’ software, and you will be asked to create a free Adobe ID and download Adobe Digital Editions to your PC during download.

Adobe ID

Click here to create an Adobe ID now.

eBooks from Askews

Access Askews ebooks here and FAQ are available here

Download step-by step guides for different devices and operating systems:

eBooks from OneClick Digital

Access OneClickDigital ebooks here

User guides and tutorial videos with help on downloading OneClickDigital ebooks are available here

Download the OneClickDigital eReader app for Android, Apple and Kindle Fire.

If you have any questions about using the ebook service please email us at [email protected]

In order to use this service you must be a UK resident and be a member of High Life Highland. Due to content restrictions, our service cannot be accessed from outside of the UK.

View our collection of E-Books at http://highlife.libraryebooks.co.uk.