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Zinio gives High Life Highland library members access for free to the top 50 most popular magazine titles to read on your computer, tablet, or Smartphone. Read online or download current and back issues of magazines to keep and read later.

Zinio digital magazine service

Getting started with Zinio

  1. Read the introduction for first time users and the guide to downloading on desktop.
  2. Create a new zinio account on www.rbdigital.com/highlandlibraryservice
  3. Download the ‘Zinio for Libraries’ App to read offline on your mobile device for Android, Apple iOS and Kindle Fire
  4. Login to the ‘Zinio for Libraries’ app with your Email and password you created earlier.

Please note: you may need to sign out, then sign back into your Zinio for libraries app to display newly downloaded titles and content.

Click here for a Help and FAQ on using Zinio magazines.

You can find even more magazines and newspapers on our Press Display Digital Newspaper service.