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PT with Councilor Martin Rattray

Martin Rattray – Local Councilor

Over a 10 week period, Martin had 8 personal training sessions at Invergordon Leisure Centre with Gary Bruce and followed a set programme on weekdays.

Martin said ‘I realised I needed to do something new, now at 53 years young, and these personal training sessions were the perfect opportunity to do this.  The personal training sessions made the difference, as I had someone to motivate me and explain exactly what I was doing and why’


  • Improved blood pressure. From borderline hypertensive range to a healthy normal range.
  • Lost a total of 5.5inches from body measurements
  • Lost 1st 1lb of body weight
  • Gained 4lb of muscle mass

Martin has now decided that he will carry on with weekly personal training sessions, which will continue to help him meet his goals.