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5k Training Programme

Go from 0-5K with our 8 week running programme!            

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4 weeks in and you have been working hard. For completely new runners, those returning after a break or from injury, give yourself a big pat on the back. Three times a week plus a cross training session is a massive commitment. We now move on to the next stage in the Plan. If time allows, and only if time allows, consider looking for something like a Body Balance class. Runners are notoriously bad at putting a stretching regime into their training. As new starts or returners to training, consider stretching as a natural extension to your plan. The beauty of a class is there is structure and guidance, a definite plus.
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There are certain things to remember as you start out on any form of training. The first and probably most important is, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. As you do each session, fatigue will occur and, if this is a new venture for you, this may put you off. Fatigue is a natural occurrence from exercise but by including regular rest days and a steady progression in the Plan, it should be manageable for most of us. If the fatigue is too much then don’t train, take a break and come back refreshed on the next scheduled training day.
The second thing is that muscular tenderness may occur as you train or afterwards but hopefully the pattern of the Plan will allow recovery between each session. This is where the Body Balance class would be beneficial.