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NessBookFest 2019

3-5 October 2019 - Events at IMAG

We’re delighted to have NessBookFest 2019 host some of their up and coming events here at IMAG from 3 to 5 October.  All events are free, but bookings MUST be made through Eventbrite.  Listings of the events happening at IMAG and links to the Eventbrite booking pages are below:


Thursday 3 October

Vee Walker: Family treasures creative writing workshop
Heirloom in the attic? Come along with a family treasure: a letter perhaps, a book, a curio or an ornament. These objects will become the focus for a creative writing exercise, leading to a brief, intense, fictionalised ‘object story’. The objects and samples of writing may then be exhibited alongside each other during NessBookFest.  To book via Eventbrite click here.
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Mandy Haggith’s Iron Age Fiction
The Amber Seeker plunges us into a world seldom explored in historical fiction: the Iron Age. In the second volume of her extraordinary, imaginative Stone Stories trilogy, Mandy Haggith takes us back to prehistoric times and revisits the unforgettable cast of characters we met in The Walrus Mutterer, weaving another visceral tale of loss, longing and revenge in 320 BC. To book via Eventbrite click here.
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3-minute slot: Ross Barnett – Last Wolf

Celebration of National Poetry Day with Mandy Haggith
Mandy won the Robin Jenkins Literary Award for environmental writing in 2009 and in 2013 was poet in residence at the Edinburgh Royal Botanic Gardens. She has four published poetry collections and a poetry anthology (Into the Forest). A must-see event for those drawn to the cross section of words and the wilderness.  To book via Eventbrite click here.
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3-minute slot: Callum McSorley – The Valley


Friday 4 October

Ellen MacAskill: Creative writing workshop
Creative writing workshop which will draw on stimulus materials from Highland LGBT writers and explore the cross-section of queer love and geography.  To book via Eventbrite click here.
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Saturday 5 October

3-minute slot: Patrick Phillips – Lawyer’s Dream

Norman Newton’s Georgian Mansions of Inverness
Local author and historian Norman Newton will introduce audiences to Georgian Mansions of Inverness in this informative talk and tour – with a difference. Georgian/Regency artefacts and costumes will be on display, a Regency hairstyle will be created live before a short walking tour will point out the relevant buildings within sight. A must for architecture and/or history fans.  To book via Eventbrite click here.
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Gill Bird on the Highlanders Museum
The Highlanders Museum’s education officer Gill Bird presents a unique perspective on the experiences of war and conflict of Highland soldiers. The museum is home to the historic collections of the famous Highland regiments and has the largest military collection outside London with diverse items such as medals, uniforms, personal archives, photographs silverware, weapons and fine paintings. A chance for history and military history enthusiasts to be introduced to a wonderful museum on our doorstep.  To book via Eventbrite click here.
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3-minute slot: Bob Kenyon – Poems

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