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Leon Patchett

Artist's talk - 'An Inspired Scavenger'

Image: © Lar Macgregor

Art has a specific purpose, and intent; it is a way to uncover, to document, and to share a truth. As an artist the aim is to define what is being explored: is it something open-ended, like a question or a topic? Or is it something more specific, like a data set or a specific place?

Preconceived outcomes are generally unhelpful for Leon’s process, and he relies totally on what materials are found. Collecting and making, making and collecting; a synchronised dance that enables him to find different ways to develop the work.

For Leon, the sculptures that he creates investigate alternative views of the everyday material seen in the natural world. How and what will be useful is a constant process of assessing what has been useful and could make the difference to inspire new projects for investigation.

Inverness Museum and Art Gallery would like to invite you to explore Leon’s art for yourself. Leon will be here to answer questions and to talk in greater depth about where his inspiration comes from, and why he continues to be ‘An Inspired Scavenger’.  Booking is not required.  There is no charge, donations are gratefully received.

Saturday 25 November, 2pm
Main Art Gallery