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Health, Wealth and Happiness Exhibition

The History of Healthcare in the Highlands

From traditional remedies and cutting-edge technologies to the challenges of saving lives in a rugged and rural landscape, Health, Wealth and Happiness is an Inverness Museum and Art Gallery exhibition exploring the unique history of healthcare in the Highlands.

Hospitals, healthcare workers, and healing waters are among the topics featured in this exhibition. Highlights include an immersive early-20th century pharmacy, a copy of the landmark 1912 Dewar Report, and a reflection on the Covid-19 pandemic in the Highlands.

15 April – 18 June 2022
Inverness Museum & Art Gallery: All Art Galleries

2 July – 13 August 2022
Thurso Gallery and the North Coast Visitor Centre

The Health, Wealth and Happiness exhibition is the culmination of a year-long project run by the collections team at Inverness Museum. It is funded by a Covid-19 Museum Development Fund grant from Museums Galleries Scotland.

This exhibition is first to be curated by the collections team in over a decade. It will feature objects and artworks from Inverness Museum’s own collection, as well as items on loan from individuals and other museums across the region.

For queries and further information, please contact Curator Kari Moodie at [email protected].