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“Disappeared Village”, Tenant Pincushion series (2021-2022)

Fiona Percy 

© Fiona Percy

The village of Culbin was destroyed and abandoned in The Great Sand Drift of 1694 and is the focus of the artist’s creative re-imagining of the myths, legends, people and land that made up Culbin village life.  The artist had to abandon her home after experiencing flooding and moved to the edge of the Culbin Forest.  Her experience echoes that of the women of Culbin and resonates with our current global climate state of flux.

At the time of the Great Drift pins were used for holding clothes together across all levels of society, gender and age – even babies’ nappies were secured with them. They were everyday objects and so pincushions would be commonplace in the home.  Sand was used as a traditional filling in pincushions to sharpen and clean pins.  In this exhibition they poignantly invoke the ‘disappeared  village’ and the global communities so vulnerable to climate change.

25 February – 22 April 2023
Foyer Craft Gallery