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Food.. It is something we all have in common.

My Name is Ben and I am the Chef for Highlife Highland. In these blog entries I am looking to take you on a journey with me and my wonderful colleagues and in partnership with the incredible people that work tirelessly behind the scenes at the Inverness Botanic Gardens to provide you with a beautiful, immersive experience of plants and flowers, fruit, veg and very tasty cakes!

During the next year we will be providing you with information on growing your own fruit and vegetables at home, with top tips from our gardeners on how to look after everything. Then I will take you into our kitchen and transform your hard work into a tasty treat or two!

Chef Steven and I are picking fresh Kale from the gardens, sharpening our knives and polishing our recipes to highlight the joy of making something that you have grown from scratch.

Bon Appetit

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Back of the cupboard banqueting – November