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Behind the Scenes of an Exhibition Blog

My name is Millie Cruickshank and I am currently working at the Highland Folk Museum as a Collections Assistant funded though the government Kickstart scheme. These blog posts will follow the process of me researching, packing and installing for the Health, Wealth and Happiness exhibition at the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery (IMAG)

Several of our items in the Highland Folk Museum store were used in the final exhibition. It was great to be able to work with IMAG on this project as we don’t have exhibition space here and so many of our objects go unseen by the public. Thanks to this project and those organising it, Joe and Kari, we were able to display some of our medical related items, some of which I will introduce and discuss in these blog posts.

Blog Post 1 – Is it safe for me to touch that? A study in correct object handling.

Blog Post 2 – Moving on Up: The objects make their way to Inverness.

Blog Post 3 – The Final Touches: Installing the Exhibition

Blog Post 4 – Health, Wealth and Happiness