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Improve your Performance with Cross Training

Get Cross Fit

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Cross training is an excellent way of improving your performance and giving yourself a boost.  It can hot wire your training so you’ll get into better shape more quickly and be ready to take on more (trust us, once you’re hooked, you’ll want to). How it works is pure and simple-your body will not thank you for training the same muscles using the same activities every day.

The best results come from planned rest periods between workouts (which also helps stave off injuries).  But rest periods don’t have to mean sitting on the couch with your feet up…if you’re a cyclist you can rest your legs and workout your upper body by having a swim. For swimmers, get on your bike! Another great way for cyclists to boost performance is by increasing your strength levels off the bike-it’s much easier to gain leg muscle and core strength in a gym or a fitness class than on the bike.