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Traditional Music

Fiddle Forte with Irene Fraser at Dingwall AF club 1.4.15

Learn to play, appreciate and enjoy Scottish Traditional Music in a friendly, supportive and fun environment.

What Can You learn?

Accordion / Bogsa-ciùil – If you’re inspired by the music of Phil Cunningham and Sandy Brechin this
class is for you! Join tutor Stuart Mackintosh on a musical journey with this amazing instrument.

Chanter / Feadan – Travel the world for free! Just learn to play the chanter and bagpipes… Join
tutor Lewis Barclay as you take your first steps to stardom with Scotland’s national instrument!

Fiddle / Fidheall – Traditional Music’s worldwide ambassador, inspiring musicians from Cape Breton
to Kirkhill and from Aly Bain to Aidan O’Rourke. Tutors Irene Fraser (children) and Roy Campbell
(adults) will guide you from fiddle zero to fiddle hero!

Guitar / Giotàr – Learn to play the acoustic guitar in the Scottish traditional style at this relaxed class
led by Jeff Maclean.

Keyboards / Meur-chlàr – Tutor will teach you (and your fingers) how to tinkle out a toe-tapper on
this most adaptable of musical instruments.

Mandolin / Mandolin & Tenor Banjo / Bainsio Teanoir – Master the mighty mandolin or learn the tenor banjo, favoured by a new generation of folk performers the tenor banjo is versatile, tuneful
and great fun at parties…with talented and highly respected tutor, Jeff Maclean.

Tin Whistle / Fìdeag – Tutor Hugh Marwick leads this class which introduces students to the
tin whistle in ‘d’ and the ‘low whistle’.

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