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‘North of the Ord’ textile exhibition at the Thurso Gallery

North of the Ord – One Artist’s View of Caithness is the new exhibition at the Thurso Gallery.

Mixed media textile artist Debbie Lee started the collection when the country was in lockdown, with inspiration sought locally, most often whilst out for walks.

“It was a joy to look closer at the landscape that is fond to my heart and to make art inspired by it,” she said.

Graduating from Glasgow School of Art in 1992, Debbie’s first job was as a woven textile designer, before moving on to designing outdoor clothing.

It was not until having children and moving to Caithness, that she began to make art to show.

She said: “Initially my landscapes were painted, but quickly I returned to my primary love of textiles and started to make mixed media stitched collage work for the wall.”

Her work is created through the collage of fabric and paper, to which a layering of translucent fabric and machine stitch is added.

It is then cut to reveal earlier layers and is finally embellished with hand stitch.

Each piece is developed from line drawings of the landscape.

Debbie added: “The drawings are a key part to my work as they are my personal reaction to what I see. The drawings are always in black and white, with line being the key element used to portray movement and depth.

“It’s this line element that comes through in the stitching of my final work, carrying the same ‘handwriting’ as the original drawings.”

Debbie’s final work is full of colour and pattern and joy of the landscape it depicts.

High Life Highland Exhibitions Officer Cathy Shankland said: “It is a pleasure to have these exquisite and colourful interpretations of the Caithness landscape in the gallery and they have certainly proved popular with visitors as many are already sold.”

Debbie Lee shows in galleries throughout Scotland and has previously had several successful local exhibitions.

North of the Ord runs until January 15.

Check www.highlifehighland.com/thurso-art-gallery/ for the latest opening times.