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HLH want to ensure customers are not missing updates

During lockdown High Life Highland found the use of technology more important than ever before. It was, and remains, one of the primary forms of communication with its members throughout the fast-changing environment in which everyone has found themselves immersed.


The Highland Charity wants to ensure customers and members are not missing out on important information about developments across its services.


Speaking about the information issued, Simon Swanson, Corporate Programme Manager, responsible for the Charity’s recovery programme said, “It was paramount that HLH kept the lines of communication with its customers going, as there were numerous updates throughout the lockdown. Communicating with our members and customers has always been important – but never more so than now.”


“We obviously used traditional methods of communication through the media as well as through the Charity’s online channels and website. We have been doing our best to keep customers up to date with news and important information about what was, and is happening across HLH against what remains an ever-changing and developing backdrop.”


“Our information included advising customers and members about the Charity’s available online resources; announcing the launch of our #HLHBounceBack campaign which introduced the gradual and controlled re-opening of many facilities in line with the Scottish Government’s route-map and guidance.” 


“The Charity has become aware that not everyone is receiving the communications being issued – and when we check why, we find that the individual hasn’t actually signed up to our information service.”


Mr Swanson concluded, “We therefore want to highlight the fact that anyone can register to be sent these updates by following the link available on our main webpage or on our High Life Highland Facebook page. This way they won’t miss any information that may be important to them or their family”