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High Life Highland continues with online service provision

Following the UK and Scottish government’s announcements over the weekend High Life Highland has today confirmed that any impact will be limited due to processes already in place.

Steve Walsh Chief Executive of the Charity said, “Our bounceback campaign has always considered the fact that it may be necessary for us to take a step backward in that process in light of changes surrounding coronavirus and any category shift within the Tier system that may be applied.”

Mr Walsh continued, “Our teams have been working on various scenarios that could impact service delivery which means we have the flexibility to continue providing services in local communities where they are needed most. For example, our Youth Work and Adult Learning support teams will still be available to local people regardless of the new lockdown.”

During the initial lockdown for coronavirus in March High Life Highland increased its digital footprint to include more online services for customers.

Mr Walsh concluded, “We will provide online content across our services from Leisure to Music Tuition to make sure customers have access to as much as possible during the lockdown period. We will also be looking to utilise the Job Retention Scheme to support our staff and the charity over the next few weeks which ultimately will help safeguard jobs in the longer term.

Physical and mental health and wellbeing has never been as important as it is just now, and our teams will be ready to welcome customers back early in the New year.”