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Drop off in footfall leads to closure of city Viewpoint

View from the top of Inverness Castle viewpointHigh Life Highland have indicated their intention to close the Inverness Castle Viewpoint due to a lack of visitor numbers.

Footfall has dropped dramatically since lockdown was implemented in England and travel restrictions were introduced in Scotland as part of the new Tier system.

John West Director of Culture and Learning for the Charity explained, “Since the restrictions for travel and lockdown came into force our bookings have dropped to an unsustainable level with only 3 bookings being received in the last ten days compared to 90 bookings in October.”

The downward trend is being replicated across visitor attractions in Scotland where Edinburgh Castle for example only had 142 visitors on the first day England went into lockdown.

Mr West concluded, “This means that remaining open is no longer a viable option for us and we are planning to close Inverness Castle Viewpoint until further notice.”

The viewpoint will close its doors to visitors on Sunday 22nd November.