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World War Two – Activities

There is no set way to learn from archives – that’s what makes them so fun! Please use the information provided in any way you like, however if you are looking for some structured activities or ideas, we have provided some for you here.

Pre-Prepared Activities

Below are links to pre-prepared activities. You can print these out or use them as a template to create your own activities.


Pack Your Suitcase!
Imagine you are being evacuated – draw the items you would take with you

Packing List

Evacuee Packing List
Imagine you are being evacuated – what would you take with you?

World War Two Wordsearch

World War Two Wordsearch
Find war themed words!

Newspaper Template

Newspaper Template
Write and draw a newspaper report from during the war







Other Ideas

  • Take a look at the log ‘Caithness at War’ written by staff at Nucleus: the Nuclear and Caithness Archives. You can find out about life in Caithness during WWII – https://www.highlifehighland.com/nucleus-nuclear-caithness-archives/category/caithness-at-war-blog/
  • Food was rationed during WWII and people had to think up new recipes to use whatever food they had. Why not look up some recipes from WWII and try making one?
  • During the war a lot of people in Britain (and other countries) sang and went to dances to keep their spirits up. Try and find some of these songs and dances (like the Charleston) online and have a go at singing/dancing yourself!
  • There were lots of famous WWII slogans to encourage people to do the right thing. They included ‘Dig for Victory’ and ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’.  You could make a poster with one of these slogans or make one using the messages we hear from the government today, like ‘Stay Home & Stay Safe’
  • Imagine you were an evacuee sent to live in a different part of the country. Write a letter home to your family describing what life is like and how you’re settling into a new family, new school and new life.  Try and include things you think would be exciting and things you think would be frightening.