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Local Area – Activities

There is no set way to learn from archives – that’s what makes them so fun! Please use the information provided in any way you like, however if you are looking for some structured activities or ideas, we have provided some for you here.

Pre-Prepared Activities

Below are links to pre-prepared activities. You can print these out or use them as a template to create your own activities.

Local Area Wordsearch

Local Area Wordsearch
Find local history themed words!


Design a guidebook for your local area

Local Area Questions

Local Area Questions
Things to think about when finding out the history of your area







Other ideas

  • Use some of these websites to find out about the history of Scotland’s places. Some have maps, some have photographs, and some give facts about the past.
    • Statistical Accounts of Scotland – this site has information about old parishes – education, religion, landscape, land ownership and lots more!
    • National Library of Scotland – this site has old maps online that you can explore and compare to present day maps
    • Am Baile – this site has photographs, sound recordings and videos from all over the Highlands
    • Scotland’s Places – this site has information on place names and buildings from the 1st edition Ordnance Survey maps (around 1870)
  • Create a map of your local town or area. Try to put on as much detail as you can about houses, businesses, parks, landscape features etc.  It’s quite tricky to draw something from above when you can’t see it so see if you can use an online map to get started!
  • Write a letter to an older person in the community to ask them what they know about the history of the local area. You’ll find out some new information and you’ll probably make them smile too.
  • Write a story as though you were taking part in the Sutherland goldrush. Try to think about how hard the work would have been and how desperate you would have been to find gold to take home to your family.  Have a look online for more information about how successful (or not) people were.
  • Imagine you’ve been asked to plan a new town – draw a plan of it and create a town crest and motto (have a look online for some examples of these).
  • Draw, paint or make a model of a local landmark. If you can, take a picture of it and share it with us on Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #HLHLearnWithLorna – we’d love to see them!