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English for Speakers of Other Languages – ESOL

Adult Learning offers a wide range of learning opportunities for those wishing to improve their English Language skills.

Learners have the opportunity to attend our ESOL classes (English for Speakers of Other Languages).  Learners can choose a class based on level of language ability. Classes may be tailored to meet specific needs, for example, work related language skills, a women’s group whose participants, for cultural reasons, would not attend mixed gender classes. Where it is possible barriers to participation are minimised to enable learners to attend classes. This includes child care issues, sensitivity to cultural norms, transport, and shift work patterns. Classes are focussed on equipping learners with the English skills needed for everyday life, in order to live more fulfilling lives in their community, and to integrate into community life.

Tuition will usually take place in small groups but if needed one-to-one support can be given by a volunteer tutor for a limited period until a person has the skills and confidence to join a group.  Learners who have low levels of literacy in their own language are invited to participate in additional literacy provision.  Learners will typically have little or no experience reading, writing and studying in their own language and will, with appropriate support, develop their basic understanding of phonics, the alphabet and handwriting in the English language.  HLH Adult Learning ESOL provision strives to ensure those with additional barriers, have the opportunity to be included within their classes and the wider community.

We are also available all year round for practical help and advice for life in the Highlands.

 ESOL Qualifications

As well as improving English Language skills, learners will have the opportunity to achieve an SQA qualification.  Adult Learning offers an accessible and flexible approach to gaining an accreditation. We also offer different projects throughout the year where qualifications can be achieved in a variety of ways.  Key to this is a learner-led approach to determining individual goals.  Please see your area Timetable for details.

Resources are available for those wishing to study for the UK Citizenship test online.  Information on becoming a British citizen, Life in the UK and getting a passport can be found at the link at the bottom of the page.

Learn a Language

High Life Highland Libraries offer a wide variety of materials to help you learn a new language. Over 100 languages can be accessed on our online links. Learners can view a range of dictionaries, online learning resources, language packs and books, and language courses on Cassette or CD.  Learners can also read quality newspapers and magazines by logging in with your library card and PIN. Anyone interested in learning Gaelic can browse Gaelic books and online courses via HLH Library links.

For further information on learning a language, please view link below for more language resources.