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Adults across the Highlands take part in learning to develop their skills and confidence, meet new people and make positive changes.

Community-based adult learning provides a range of learning activities in local communities which include help with everyday life skills such as reading, writing, spelling, using numbers, English language (ESOL) and digital literacy. Adults come together in small groups or one-to-one where they are supported by trained tutors to move forward on their lifelong learning journey.


Learning is life-long: we never stop learning new things, whatever our age!

Learning is life-wide: learning new skills has a positive impact on our whole lives by increasing knowledge and building confidence.

Learning is learner-centred: you decide what to learn and how you want to participate!


Core Skills

Maybe you find everyday tasks like managing a household budget, filling in forms, reading complex letters, or helping your child with their homework difficult. Maybe you left school with few or no qualifications. Whatever the reason, there is a range of free adult literacy and numeracy learning programmes waiting to be discovered.

Adult literacy and numeracy learning is designed to meet your individual needs and takes place in community venues in your area.

Adults want to improve their skills for a range of reasons, including getting better at:

  • filling in forms
  • helping children with homework
  • understanding bills and bank statements
  • skills for work
  • getting online and improving digital confidence
  • understanding information to open doors to new opportunities
  • and much more!

We also offer a range of SQA qualifications.

The benefits of developing literacies skills and having the confidence to use them can be far reaching and life changing. In addition to developing skills, many adult learners also tell us that their confidence and health and wellbeing has improved, helping them to live fuller lives.


Adult Learning Programmes

We have a range of programmes ongoing throughout the Highlands.

Badenoch & Strathspey Programme

Brora Learning Zone Programme

Caithness Programme

Easter Ross Programme

Inverness & Nairn Programme

Lochaber Programme

Mid-Ross Programme

Skye & Lochalsh Programme

Wester Ross Programme